"Esto" means "shall be" in Latin, usually the first question we get asked by new clients!

  • Third-person singular future active imperative of sum "he (she, it) shall be" "he (she, it) shall exist"​
  • Used by litigators to set out an "alternative" case in written pleadings​

Esto Consultancy provides Business Consultancy, Coaching, and Mentoring services.​

We work with owners, managers, and stakeholders to identify current issues, future objectives, and personal wishes​.

We improve day-to-day running of businesses, meaning smoother operations, and more financially stability.

We have a number of ways we provide services, usually combinations of the following;

  • Scoping meeting with senior manager/management​,
  • Desktop research – business and sector,
  • Bespoke strategy session with senior management team,
  • Specialised guidance on areas for improvement,
  • Prepare and implement change plan​.

Our clients have one thing in common - they are openminded forward thinkers!

Our service is bespoke and not restricted to any one sector or area. Our very first clients included;  

  • A property investor individual,
  • A Trustee in Bankruptcy,
  • A construction company owner, and 
  • An insolvency practice owner.

Contact Esto Consultancy today to explore our personalised business consulting and coaching and mentoring services. Let us help you achieve better business outcomes and financial stability. Fill out the form below, and let's start transforming your business!

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